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15. heinäkuuta 2022 | 24 näyttökertaa

Roni Äikäs says that what he learned most from his summer job was new technology that he had never used before. She also learned teamwork skills in a large multilingual and multicultural team. Äikäs worked for a month as a summer intern at Nordcloud, either at the Jyväskylä office or remotely from home.

"Roni is a great guy, smart, active and skilled. From the very first conversation, it was clear that he is exceptionally skilled and talented for his age, both technically and as a communicator," says Leo-Matti Lehtonen, Head of Application Development at Nordcloud.

He says that it was clear from the first conversation that we would offer Äikkäs the opportunity to do real programming and coding work instead of the traditional internships for young people.

Despite his young age, Äikäs has a deep understanding of programming. Already at the age of 6, he learned to read independently, mainly through educational games such as Ekapeli.fi.

Around the same time, he became interested in programming and games. At first, Äikäs managed to create simple games in the visual language Scratch, even though he could not yet read well.

"For example, when I was 6 or 7 years old, I made a game in Scratch where you try to get a monkey to jump and speed up by guiding it to get bananas," says Äikäs.

As his literacy skills developed, he got into programming from books on how to get started with programming.

The next programming languages he learned were Python and Java. Python is a simple text-based programming language. It is now also taught in schools. Java, on the other hand, is a slightly more complex object-oriented programming language.

The software development industry is actively evolving and many cool new technologies will emerge during the year. For example, during Äikkää's summer job, new software frameworks came to his attention that he can use later. 

Besides school, Äikäs plans to continue programming as a hobby and if there are jobs available, he can also do them through his 4H company, Mikroni.fi.

Äikäs is a member of the Test Server Association, which aims to promote IT and security among young people, and organises events and meetings on the subject. In 2021, he came third in the Gen Z Hack Challenge, Finland's largest hacking challenge for young people.

Äikäs feels that Jämsä is a nice place to live. It's easy to get around the city by bike and if you need to, you can get to Jyväskylä quickly by train or car.

"Jämsä Tehdas Tehdas telecommuting offers excellent telecommuting opportunities. I am also on the youth council and I can influence the future of Jämsä from a young person's perspective," says Äikäs.

As a tip for young people interested in programming, Äikäs says that there is a huge amount of material on the Internet and YouTube to help them learn programming. He says it's worth starting a project of your own, working on it, and promoting and updating it whenever you learn something new.

He believes that in the future he will work in computer science and probably, software development.

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